Can Additives Increase Horsepower in Your Car?

May 10, 2018 @ 2:32 pm
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Can Additives Increase Horsepower in Your Car?

If you’re driving a car that seems to be lacking in horsepower, burns through gas, or has breakdowns frequently, you may be tempted to just buy a new car or entirely replace the engine. However, before you take that drastic measure, you might try fuel additives.

What are additives?

Additives are synthetic components added to fuel, designed to increase the performance of an engine and its parts. Additives lower the internal temperature of the engine, allowing it to run cooler. This helps your engine last longer and perform more optimally. With the right additives, your engine can gain lubrication, which helps boost the horsepower of the engine. They also reduce friction and constriction within an engine, making it possible for the engine and its many parts to run smoothly.

Do additives really work?

Test evaluations have been done on race cars, comparing engines without additives to those that have additives. The results show that a car with additives performs far better than those without. In fact, race cars with additives show an increase of 5 HP or more! This is because reducing the friction on an engine can help it gain power and torque, making it easier to accelerate.

Additives not only add lubrication – they actually help the engine perform at peak capacity and even require fewer tune-ups. Additives may also help a vehicle break down less because there is less wear and tear on all of its parts. By increasing the effectiveness of the fuel combustion, additives also improve the horsepower of the engine and allow it to stay cleaner in the long run.

Increasing the life of your vehicle

No matter what type of car you drive, additives can help you increase horsepower, torque, and performance. Yes, horsepower is an important measurement, and it doesn’t matter if you are a race car driver, towing a trailer or just driving about town. Horsepower translates into acceleration, speed and fuel economy. For many commuters, additives are also vital in reducing fuel consumption and producing less emissions. Of course, fewer breakdowns and longer life of your vehicle’s parts help, too. With the right additives, your car will last longer and cost you less – what’s not to like?

Additives bond with your fuel to ensure every single drop is used by the engine with nothing left behind. When you increase the effectiveness of a vehicle’s fuel combustion, you can increase the horsepower while ensuring the engine runs clean. If you are looking to get increased horsepower and decreased fuel consumption, additives are a proven and cost-effective way to do it. A few drops in your next tank of gas are all you are going to need to make you a believer.