Oil Filter Maintenance

October 9, 2017 @ 5:42 pm
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Oil Filter Maintenance

An oil filter, is a filter that has layers that help to clean the oil. This way your engine remains clean and all the contaminant particles are removed. Clean motor oil is very important because if it is not filtered the engine will suffer damages. A good oil filter retains from 95 to 97% of the particles. They need to be changed every period of time according to the mileage and the type of engine.

Importance of Motor Oil

Motor oil is in charge of lubricating the engine components. As you know, the engine has many moving parts that need the oil to work properly. Also, the moving parts create friction if they are not lubricated, this produces heat so oil is preventing over heating of the engine. The thing is, if the oil isn’t clean it would not work as well protecting the engine. Dirt particles affect the engine badly decreasing its life. Always keep an oil and filter change routine as stated in your owner’s manual. Additionally, the lubrication improves gas mileage reducing the fuel consumption, this means you can save lots of gas.

Oil and Filter Change

As we already know, the oil only works properly if it is clean. If you are thinking about changing the motor oil you should also think of changing the oil filter. When you put the oil in the engine it goes directly to the engine crankcase, then pushed inder pressure, it passes through the filter and enter to the engine. It reaches every part of the engine, lubricating it. If the oil filter is clogged with dirt, the oil will not circulate easily even if it is clean. This will end up in damages for your car.

Oil Filter Types

There are many different types of oil filters and even they look similar they have some differences. To choose the right oil filter you need to know your engine needs. If you use the wrong oil filter, you can end up damaging your engine. The most common type of filter is the primary oil filter, this one allows smaller dirt particles to pass through, this is why it ususally comes with a bypass valve that redirects the unfiltered oil to its components in case the filter membrane is clogged. In some cases the manufacturers also install a secondary oil filter that works apart of the primary and helps you to change the oil less times. Other oilf filters that have cellulose membranes that filter smaller particles. In the market you can find other filter types with small differences, you have to know well your vehicle and engine to choose the right one whenever you need to change it.