Topper® 2-stroke engine oil is formulated for use in air-cooled 2-stroke engines. It is formulated with premium quality base materials for motorcycles and high temperature applications such as chainsaws, weed trimmers, string trimmers, air blowers, lawn mowers, snow plows, and small generators. Topper® 2-Cycle Engine Oil mixes easily with gasoline and should be used in a fuel-to-oil ratio specified by the equipment manufacturer.

Features / Benefits:
• Provides faster start-up.
• Provides anti-wear and protection
• Protects against oxidation and corrosion.
• Minimizes carbon deposits.

• Air-cooled 2-stroke engines.
• Engines requiring API TC performance.

Can be used in the following 2-stroke engines:
• Homelite
• Husqvarna
• Poulan
• Pioneer
• Stihl
• McCulloch

* Provides effective lubrication in 2-cycle engines.
* Not for use where TCW-3 lubricants are specified.
* Protects against ring sticking and piston deposits.
* Recommended for normal service in small 2-Stroke engines where SAE 30 or SAE 40 is recommended.
* Typical uses include small outboard motors, mopeds, motor scooters, karts power mowers and chain saws.