Mecha Tool antifreeze / coolant is a premium ethylene glycol product for use year round in both aluminum and conventional metal engine cooling systems of automobiles ,trucks, marine and stationary equipment and heavy duty diesel engines (with the use of SCAs) formulated with a low silicate type rust and corrosion inhibitor system which effectively alleviates problems of gel formation and prevents loss of radiator heat transfer capacity. Mecha Tool antifreeze pre-dilute 50/50 is a 50/50 volume mixture of Mecha Tool antifreeze /coolant with deionized water for animal and child protection. Mecha Tool antifreeze /coolant contains bitterant.

• Universal formula for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines (ASTM D 3306 AND ASTM D 4985).
• Excellent heat transfer properties.
• Premium anti-foam characteristics.
• Premium corrosion protection for aluminum ,brass copper ,solder, steel and cast iron.
• Low silicate formulation.
• Nitrite-free, amine –free and borax-free.
• Concentrate mixes readily with clean tap water.
• Pre-diluted product is ready to use and requires no mixing top-up and initial fill.
• Compatible with cooling system filters.
• Compatible with heavy duty diesel supplemental coolant additives.
• Compatible with conventional brands of coolant.
• 100% biodegradable in its pure, unused form.
• Contains bitterant for animal and child protection.