Mecha Tool® Full Synthetic MERCON V ATF superior antiwear, oxidation resistance, sludge and varnish control and anti-shudder durability. Mecha Tool® Full Synthetic MERCON V ATF is a fortified with anti-corrosion properties, enhanced foam control as well as protection for seals. Mecha Tool® Full Synthetic MERCON V ATF offers a superior performance in a wide range of applications, including North America, European and Asian vehicles. The product is not only suitable for many of today’s high-performance transmissions, it also provides premium performance in older vehicles. While was designed to deliver a product profile fitting higher viscosity applications, it provides performance in the lower viscosity applications as well.
Suitable for use in: Ford MERCON® V, Toyota T-III, T-IV, Allison C-4, JASO 1-A, SP-III, More N-A., Asian and European Ats