TOPPER® High Viscosity 25W-60 API CI-4/SM motor oil is a formulation designed to work in gasoline, diesel, GLP, GNV and GNC engines. TOPPER® High Viscosity 25W-60 API CI-4/SM is manufactured using carefully selected premium high viscosity index base oils combined with a high performance additive package with optimal blending of dispersant, detergent, oxidation and corrosion inhibitor, extreme pressure anti-wear, viscosity improver, and defoaming and ditives.

TOPPER® High Viscosity 25W-60 API CI-4/SM is recommended for gasoline and diesel engines operating under severe service and subjected to varying operation and climatic conditions. Designed for use in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines used in automotive, heavy duty trucking, construction, mining and farm equipment.

– Keeps motor oil level longer, reducing consumption and regular evaporation in worn engines.
– Keeps oil pressure at maximum level, increasing power.
– Prevents motor oil leaks and reduces motor oil consumption in older engines.
– Extends the engine’s life.

API Service Classifications:
Diesel Engines: CI-4, CH-4, CF-4 CF-2, CF CE, CDII, CD
Gasoline Engines: SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG, SF