MECHA-TOOL® AW-68 (10.000 hrs)

Mecha-tool® AW-68 Full Synthetic is a high quality fluid specially formulated to provide extreme protection against wear and corrosion, thermal stability, oxidative and good filtration capacity. Mecha-tool® AW-68 Full Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid is designed in high quality synthetic bases and selected  additives for high pressure and heavy load hydraulic systems. Oxidation stability 10,000 hours. Mecha-tool® AW-68 Full Synthetic  contains inhibited additives with antioxidants, anti-corrosives and anti-foam. Its high viscosity index protects the equipment at high and low temperatures. Cm p-68, p-69 and p-70,dennison hf-o, hf-1 and hf-2.

PACKAGING:  5 Gl pail & 55 Gl drum.