Mecha-Tool® AW Hydraulic Fluids are quality hydraulic fluids formulated from base stocks incorporated with select additives designed for high pressure, heavily loaded hydraulic systems.

Mecha-Tool®AW Hydraulic Fluids are efficient anti-wear oils, fully inhibited with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. Superior anti-rust characteristics protect pump lines and controls against rust and corrosion. They exhibit excellent demulsification properties even above moderate temperature levels, still maintaining the ability to reject water.

Mecha-Tool®AW Hydraulic Fluids are recommended where higher pressures and increased speeds demand oils with added anti-wear protection. In the proper grade, these fluids may be used in circulation, splash bath and ringed oil systems supplying bearings and gears, as well as hydraulic systems.

Grades Available: AW-32, AW-46, AW-68, AW-100, AW-220.

PACKAGING: 3 Gl box, 5 Gl pail & 55 Gl drum.