MECHA-TOOL® TEMPSA AW-INDUSTRIAL It is a quality hydraulic fluid line formulated to impart protection against wear and corrosion, thermal and oxidative stability and good filterability. The TEMPSA product line has as its main characteristic a high viscosity index. This high viscosity index gives it the same characteristics of a multigrade oil and offers the possibility of working properly in wider temperature ranges. In addition, oils with a high viscosity index are less susceptible to the effects of high operational temperatures, allowing greater resistance to loss of viscosity due to thermal shocks.

MECHA-TOOL® TEMPSA AW-INDUSTRIAL Hydraulic Fluids are totally inhibited with antioxidant, anti-corrosive and anti-foam additives. The superior antioxidant characteristics protect the pump lines and controls against rust and corrosion. They exhibit excellent separability properties even above moderate temperature levels, while maintaining the ability to reject water

GRADES: AW-100, AW-150, AW-220, AW-320, AW-460.

PACKAGING: 5 Gallon pail and 55 Gallon Drum.