MECHA-TOOL® TURBINE FLUIDS-FORZA are oils designed to inhibit corrosion and oxidation (R&O, HL). The high quality of the bases and additives allow their use in industrial gas turbines, steam turbines and in many other industrial applications. This formulation provides excellent protection against rust, corrosion and deposit formation. It has excellent resistance to oxidation and cutting at work under extreme pressure. Minimizes sludge and varnish formation, providing a long service life. It has excellent water separation properties to minimize emulsion formation and is resistant to excessive accumulation of foam that can interfere with proper lubrication.

MECHA-TOOL® TURBINE FLUIDS-FORZA is a line of quality turbine fluids formulated ZINC-FREE.

GRADES: AW-32, AW-46, AW-68, AW-100, AW-150, AW-220, AW-320, AW-460.

PACKAGING: 5 Gallon Pail and 55 Gallon Drum .