MECHA-TOOL® Full Synthetic AW is top quality hydraulic fluid line specially formulated to impart extreme wear and corrosion protection, thermal and oxidative stability and good filterability.

MECHA-TOOL® Full Synthetic AW are formulated from high quality Synthetic base stocks and select additives, designed for high pressure, heavily loaded hydraulic systems. Specially designed for overcome 10,000 oxidation stability. This Series is fully inhibited with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. They exhibit excellent demulsibility properties even above moderate temperature levels, still maintaining the ability to reject water. In proper grade, these fluids may be used in circulation, splash bath and ringed oil systems supplying bearings and gears, as well as hydraulic systems.

GRADES: AW-32, AW-46, AW-68

PACKAGING: 5 gallon Pail and 55 Gallon Drum.