TOPPER® Full Synthetic ATF is formulated with a multi-functional additive package and advanced friction modifiers and can be used in virtually all the applications in modern traditional automatic transmissions. It is the most dynamic TOPPER® member of high performance automatic transmission fluids. With the exception of CVT fluids and DCT dual clutch fluids.

TOPPER® Full Synthetic ATF comes with broader and more universal coverage for the more traditional planetary-gear transmissions. TOPPER® can be used in European, Korean, Japanese and U. S. heavy duty transmission – old and new. The advanced formula provides unsurpassed protection and reliable performance for all types of automatic transmissions, power steering units and hydraulic systems manufactured by virtually all of the automotive and transmission manufactures from around the world – the one fluid that replaces the confusion about which fluid to use in a multitude of automatic transmissions.

TOPPER® Full Synthetic ATF is such a superior transmission fluid that it may be used wherever established fluids are required or specified by all OEMs around the world including but not limited to General Motors approved Dexron® fluids including Dexron® VI and GM T-IV; Chrysler; Honda ATF-Z1, VTM-4, DW-1, DPF, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Diamond SP II, SP III, SP-IV, Ford, Toyota T-IV and WS and many others.

TOPPER® Full Synthetic ATF is compatible with traditional ATFs whether used as a top-off or in a complete fluid change.

TOPPER® Full Synthetic ATF offers better anti-shudder durability, better friction stability, better anti-wear protection, better oxidation stability and better low temperature operation than the already great fluid it replaces.