Topper® Full Synthetic CVT Fluid (Continuously Variable Transmis-sions) is the new Technology, which meets most of the CVT applica-tions. Topper® Full Synthetic CVT Fluid has been engineered to provide stable viscosity, excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure protection. It provides and improved seal-swell protection as well a superior wet clutch performance. Topper® Full Synthetic CVT Fluid is designed for the new CVT transmissions, whetherchain or belt, that need a fluid that protects against metal-to-metal wear that leads to belt orchain deterioration. Topper® Full Synthetic CVT Fluid is engineered to offer the highest level of protection against metal-to-metal wear. It provides a better anti-shud-der performance and better anti-scuffing performance lead to longer life for transmissions, and quieter, more vibration-free operation.

• Extended friction durability to provide superior anti-shudder performance and enhanced driving comfort.
• A well-balanced, high level of both torque capacity and anti-shudder performance to provide higher safety factor, longer transmission life, and extended service interval.
• Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance for the better protection of transmission.
• Enhanced oxidative stability for longer fluid life and extended service interval.
• Seal compatibility for better leakage prevention.

Packanging: 12 Qts box, 5 Gl pail & 55  Gl drum.