Mecha-Tool® Tractor Hydraulic fluid for tractor transmission and hydraulic oils are unique oils developed with premium additives and bases to meet the exact needs of tractors utilizing tractor hydraulic fluid.

Mecha-Tool® Tractor Hydraulic has been performance tested both in the lab and in the field, and validated to meet the increased demands for performance and protection of transmissions and hydraulic systems.

– Reduces wet-brake chatter and ensures high braking capacity.
– Superior wet-clutch performance, smoothes clutch operation.
– High tolerance to water contamination without sludge formation, which could cause filter clogging and hydraulic system malfunction.
– The anti-oxidation capability allows the oil to work properly at high temperatures, helping keep transmissions and hydraulic system parts cool and clean.
– Provides protection against rust and corrosion, particularly during low-use periods.
– Anti-wear additives keep gear and bearing wear to a minimum.
– The extreme-pressure formulation develops a durable fluid film, which helps prevent metal-to-metal contact.